Israel the Apple of God's Eye
Author: Hendrik Schipper

He (YHWH) kept him as the apple of His eye

Deuteronomy 32:10

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In this book you can read about:

  • The Tanakh about the restoration of Israel. 76-419
  • Is Israel the servant of God? 58 – 323
  • Forgiveness of sins , 57 – 312
  • What says the Tanakh about the future enemies of Israel? 83-508
  • Prophecies about the first coming of the Messiah. 51-283
  • John Kippoer – atonement 60-330
  • Who bears your sins? A chicken? A Lamb? 59-61- 324-332
  • The Messiah in the Tanakh, 51-283
  • What does Judaism say about the Meesiah? 52-291
  • What does christianity say about the Messiah? 53-57; 291-312
  • Which is the role of the Messiah 60-330
  • What says the Tanakh about the future of Israel? 76-419; 87-90-549-603 

This book you can use as a Bible Study tool

  • Israel shows the reliability of God's promises

  • Israel shows that the Bible is True!

  • Are there still unfulfilled promises for Israel?

  • Are the Jews God's chosen people?

  • Promises to Israel rooted in the Bible?

  • Does the State of Israel fulfil Biblical prophecy?

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